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Is an architecture and interior design company that offers integral and multidisciplinary services, covering all the stages required for a complete project.

Our team of professionals is fully responsible for the preparation of the project from the initial conception phase, which refers to the development of design, visualization and drawing of plans continuing through the construction stage, purchasing, coordination, execution, interior design, installation and supervision final. We provide an exceptional service at all levels of the project, taking into account even the smallest detail, offering the client turnkey projects fully furnished for use.

Rumbaut Designs goes from influencers in South Florida's, including National Hotel Chains, Fortune 500 investors, publicly traded REITs, real estate developers, movie stars, national and international entertainment figures, sports celebrities, among others…

Whether it's a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room in your home or the bar, bathrooms, waiting areas, kitchen and dining areas in a restaurant; or office established in a corporate building, our professionals have unique and innovative design solutions for any type of outfit. We ensure that our design will create a dazzling first impression when your guests enter your home for the first time. We will create just the perfect decor and atmosphere in your restaurant or hotel that will entice your customers to keep coming back. Our focus on ergonomically designed office space with stress free environment will help increase employee productivity.

Its commitment is to provide a personalized and high quality service so that the customer experience is satisfactory and enjoyable.

"A smile can change your life and lives of others”
Gladys Barrios Rumbautdesigns

(786) 612-7278

Gladys Barrios, Venezuelan Nationality and currently residing in Miami Florida, since childhood her passion has been architecture and interior design. He finished his architectural studies in 2014, in Venezuela. At that time I was already working as an architect and interior designer in an Italian company, from there, she began to carry out diplomas and complementary studies that led her to have more knowledge and passion for interior design, which allowed her to be part of several architecture and design teams allowing her to be part of important architectural and design teams. She is part of the Rumbaut Desing team 2 years ago, developing his skills in the area of design, visualization and execution, from residential, commercial projects among others...

In addition to designing functional architectural spaces, it seeks that these spaces through a personalized and stylish interior design become a place of permanence and satisfaction for the user.

Gustavo Rumbaut Rumbautdesigns

(786) 280-2398

Gustavo Rumbaut, founder and Principal Architect of Rumbaut Design. Nationality Cuban and currently residing in Florida.

Since childhood he has developed skills in art and design. He studied Arts at the San Alejandro de Cuba Academy. Then in 2012 he finished his architecture studies at МАРХИ "Moscow Architecture Institute". Since then he has developed his skills from different fields both in design and construction, working on important commercial and residential projects among others.

Currently, he has expanded his knowledge to millworking, thus allowing him to cover a complete project from design, construction, interior design and manufacturing.

The compromise and dedication are his two key points for the correct planning and management of your projects.

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 Our Services


  • 3D Rendering

  • Drafting

  • House Plans

  • Event Design

  • Architectural Design

  • Pool House Design

  • Energy-Efficient Homes

  • Kitchen and Cabinets Design

  • Prefab Houses

  • Architectural Drawings

  • Floor Plans

  • Kitchen Remodeling

  • Project Management

  • Garage Design

  • Land Surveying

  • Green Building

  • Landscape Plans

  • Site Planning

  • Basement Design

  • Guesthouse Design

  • Laundry Room Design

  • Handicap-Accessible Design

  • Log Home Construction

  • Bathroom Design

  • Historic Building Conservation

  • Modular Home Additions

  • Staircase Design

  • Building Design

  • Home Additions

  • Mudroom Design

  • Structural Engineering

  • Custom Homes

  • Home Extensions

  • Sustainable Design

  • Deck Design

  • Home Gym Design

  • New Home Design

  • Home Remodeling

  • Home Restoration

  • Outdoor Kitchen Design

  • Universal Design

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